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Noboru Gongenzaka
JOINED: Under 1 Year Ago (At the Nether World)
TRAILER: #23 | Shared with Zangetsu

✧COMMON CHANGE: Beastly claws, & teeth (incisors protrude from mouth)
✧COMMON CHANGE: A rough, sandpapery tongue
✧COMMON CHANGE: Shining eyes with slit pupils
✧COMMON CHANGE: Long, furred ears
✧COMMON CHANGE: Seemingly permanent shadow covering brows and eyes
✧COMMON CHANGE: Fae Markings, manifesting as slight swirls over chest fur,
and through cracks in his bark.

✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Metalic-seeming Fur over the body (Former Patches, spread during Atlantis, became marble-seeming after Portland.)
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Beast-like facial features (Full Snout as of The Celebration; blame masks)
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Glowing Blood (Obtained in The Matrix)
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: 'Aura of Magic' (Manifests as the glow of his soul while concentrating his energies for spells-obtained in the Mainframe)
✵RARE CHANGE: Centaur-ine body with metal hooves at the rear, & 'grasping' paws at the front, resembling a 'Komainu'.
✵RARE CHANGE: Plantlife replacing the tail, as well as most hair, and portions of the body. Filled primarily with permanently red japanese maple leaves and dark coloured sakura flowers, the tail is additionally home to various wisteria vines. The wood works through the body in gnarled silver-barked 'roots', visible along the limbs in particular, and the vines are apparently the same wisteria plant as found in the tail. Despite appearances, he finds wearing shirts comfortable still, and is fine to carry things on his back. (Obtained from The Game in Mainframe)

  Gongenzaka, due to the limits of his body, typically wears a T-Shirt in addition to his headband and chest sash. Occasionally there is the addition of a 'horse blanket',
though typically his fur keeps him plenty warm enough. The majority of his fur is a cream colour,
accented with shades of gold, though flecks of red can be found closer to the ears, and this rusty shade is strongest near the wood of his body (which is silver-barked).

1ST CONTRACT: Guarantee of safety should 'anything occur' (Revival Token; Used, still being paid for).

Scroll of Meditation: Obtained in Atlantis; Magical Scroll which, when read from, hastens the body's healing abilities. Becomes more effective in a group.
Pokemon Partner:Suzu the Snubbull;
Moveset is Heal Bell, Crunch, Play Rough,
Changes: Common - Moss growth around the neck and base of the ears

Misc. Objects from Portland: A selection of books that his alternate self thought he would want to bring with. Most are from a fictional series of some sort.

Chakra Focus: A minor spell; by focusing his internal energies, he can walk upon water, or along vertical surfaces such as trees.
Reiraku: A minor spell maintained from Portland; by focusing his spirit, Gongenzaka is able to feel out for the energy signatures of others, even tracking down those he is more familiar with, provided they are inside a particular range of distance.

CONTACT:[ profile] usagisquared


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FREQUENCY: 787.26696
DESCRIPTION: Gongenzaka will promptly answer the radio whenever he's called, which means it's super easy to take advantage of. Go on. Ask him if his fridge is running. He'll hate you forever but will remain unable to do anything about it.

LOCATION: An astonishingly sturdy wooden mailbox!
DESCRIPTION: Please put the mail IN the mailbox. All the way. No half-and-half-ing it. Mail should not go ON the box either. Nor under it. Nor beside it, however that works. IN. THE BOX.
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Name: Usagi
Contact: [ profile] usagisquared
Other Characters: Carly Nagisa

Character Name: Noboru Gongenzaka
Age: 14
Species: Human
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Canon Point: Ep 122
Character Info: Located here!
NOTE: Arc-V (along with Zexal) are considered series that are entirely unrelated to the three before it (DM, GX, 5DS); while a 'Jack Atlas' exists in ARC-V, it's an entirely different one. (Cameos...they're complicated)

The gist of the matter is that given neither of my muses will be likely to deliberately seek out anyone with a deck of cards, there shouldn't be even a slight risk of 'playercest' at hand. (I even have a pile of excuses ready for if there is ever a moment where it could be 'odd' that they wouldn't have at least greeted the other)

As an additional, less key note, the wiki tends to stick to dub that's a thing.

Personality: In every manner of character association, one could liken Gongenzaka to a dog. He is a great and imposing sort, with immense strength to back it-but he is also immeasurably kind, loyal, and honorable as well. He is someone who finds excessive violence needless, and even 'UNFORGIVABLE!' in his words, living firmly by the code of what has been taught to him since he was young. Gongenzaka has grown up understanding what makes a 'true man' (in a figurative sense, rather than literal no doubt)-something that means understanding where might is right, and where those who are weak must be protected. Pity is not a word that fits in with his ideals...but he is far from unsympathetic to those in danger, and his heart is so great that this sense of care can even affect his personal judgement at times.

The teachings of the 'Steadfast' dojo Gongenzaka was born into concern more than anything a steadfast spirit. An unstoppable mountain in the face of what comes, and his dedication to these teachings have made him a man of strong focus toward what needs to be done. He observes his surroundings with a keen eye so that he can best determine hhow to counter, honing his strength and spirit through training not in order to be the best for himself, but to be the best he can be for others. To this end, he is in fact quite humble; not only does he refer to himself by 'kono otoko no Gongenzaka' (literally 'this man, Gongenzaka' or as translated 'I, the man, Gongenzaka')-a humbling term meant to say more or less that he is 'only' a man-he is willing to understand where he is lacking in ability. He has even asked former opponents, bowing deeply while making the request, for tutelage. It is a rare occurence indeed, but a very strong motion grounded entirely in respect for the other's skill.

Naturally, this makes him flexible in his beliefs as well-he is not bullheaded enough to see only one path for the way of a steadfast spirit, accepting that there can be many options in order to move forward with those beliefs. This open judgement allows him to recognize the flaws not only in himself but also others-discovering that for his dojo to continue through modern day their practices would need to adapt, or as with others, when a bad attitude needs some sense knocked against it.

A 'true man' after all, does not blindly ignore what may be in front of them. To be steadfast is to remain firm, but more importantly in his beliefs it is to be honorable-he believes in fighting no holds barred when a fight in fact occurs, dueling with all his might even against his friends. To show pity for the opponent, in his eyes, is to show a lack of respect for their own skill as well-his very cards, as per the Steadfast style, reflect this. 100% monster cards, showing an absolute faith in the monsters rather than relying on magic or traps to boost them-this unshakable faith carries over to real people as well, becoming a care for the rights and opinions of others as well.

This care-as hinted before-can backfire heavily. Gongenzaka can become increasingly consumed with worry if he isn't careful, losing sight of his opponent's strategies, and leaving himself open to easy attack. Not long before arriving at the Carnival in fact, it was desperation over the wellbeing of his friends that forced him to break the code of his Steadfast teachings; using an action card in order to draw the attention of a dangerous opponent to him, lest they end up as good as killed.

It can be said that he is an emotionally open person, for this reason-the only thing holding him back are perhaps those very 'Steadfast' teachings in fact; were it not for the need to keep his feet rooted on the ground and his fists at his sides the first person to so much as imply harm upon his friends-or in some cases merely question their own honor-would have him at their throats in a rage. Instead, he holds himself back-and unless already provoked into sheer panic channels that rage into words and dedication to what is honorable in his eyes. It's a state of control that allows him to offer considerable amounts of adivce to those who need it-admittedly, at the cost of 'sounding like an old man' (he really does talk like one too).

Control is better employed for anger though-Gongenzaka's morals are such that even the suggestion that he go outside it can catch him in a state of stuttering fluster, his words sometimes even lost completely in lieu of shock; naturally the same can be said for anything that shocks him, with bold counters to his protests against what is 'wrong' often being met with red-faced stutters as he holds himself back. His excitement is even louder-Gongenzaka grins widely, cries openly if even the slightest event touches his heart. While he can subdue things to mere proud smiles, it is roaring declarations, and overflowing tears of joy where his heart lies in full, with bone-crushing hugs often accompanying the gesture.

...In contrast, sadness is his quietest emotion. Weakness is unforgivable in his practice-he shames himself for his mistakes openly, bearing the weight of his mistakes until they drive him through the wall of despair and into a path of renewed determination to make things right. While he stews on his shame and sadness in silence, it is not in his nature to dwell upon it after all. Such an act would be UNFORGIVABLE when others could need him!

And for those who need him, he thus remains forever steadfast-loyal and honorable in his actions, sputtering at so much as the idea of anything illegal, crying and breaking spines over the simplest of achievments his friends have made. 'Always repay another's kindness'-with this rule sitting among his teachings in Steadfast ways, he's a man of strong feelings and strong beliefs...

...And with the added experiences of the Carnival, and of the war, these Steadfast ways will be put to the greatest of tests.

Abilities: Gongenzaka himself has no 'special' abilities of note; he is, however, naturally quite strong and durable, taking the full blow of more than a few monster attacks under real damage, and even sustaining the injuries caused by a solid vision pillar falling directly on his back. While solid vision is typically considered less durable/heavy/damaging than any real object, the fact that something solid enough to remain standing as a support pillar under ordinary circumstances fell on him is still pretty telling. (Not to mention, he's caused actual gusts of wind just by drawing cards!)

Aside from this, Gongenzaka's duel disk is a modified 'real damage' disk; while limited in strength, monsters summoned with the device are sturdy enough to interact with the surroundings and even fight if Gongenzaka so desires. The disk is also pre-programmed with an Action Field, which causes various platforms to appear within a certain radius, as well as action cards (the latter of which are useless to him).

Soul Colour: A steely, icey blue!
Ideal Jobs:
* Patrol
* Bouncer
* Patch (because I need three options here or it bugs me)

Relevant Experience:

For the most part, Gongenzaka is both visibly and characteristically suitable for the roles with the Warden. He is physically fit, and strong-and where his personal moral code makes the idea of acting as a Mercenary difficult, it makes acting as a Bouncer ludicrously easy. As a Patrol-member, Gongenzaka would take the role more than seriously-and had he been present at any time for venues such as the demon realm, would have thrown himself into the task of evicting any less than savory patrons causing havoc.

He is diligent, and noble, but most importantly he is one who thinks about his actions before acting; for this reason, he could in fact make a good Patch as well. He prefers talking through a situation rather than using force, and if violence can be avoided, he will do so quite readily. His imposing size gains attention, but his voice and mannerisms make it easy to calm a situation before it starts.

...Assuming the others aren't just looking to make trouble (cue the Physical side).

Carnival History: Gongenzaka, despite being a veteran, is not a very 'long lived' one (LAUGH WITH ME). He arrived not long before the Carnival moved to visit the Nether World; during a brief moment of time where the great gates landed themselves in Academia's training field, a curious trio consisting of Shingo Sawatari, Jack Atlas (ARC-V's version naturally), and Gongenzaka, found themselves wandering in when they intended to wander through the gates of Academia's halls-with Gongenzaka being supported by the first two due to his earlier sustained injuries.

They stayed only for a few hours; using acceptable amounts of cash to obtain drinks and whatever else would be needed to recover, Jack and Gongenzaka in particular were quick to get them all out of the place again; at which point they realized no time had passed at all.

Not long before, Gongenzaka had been forced to break the code of his dueling style for the sake of saving his friend, the style that he would one day inherit the right to teach. While his friend successfully overcame their opponent, his own efforts had done nearly nothing-even when it came to the act of mere protection. These two points combined to inspire him to go inside again, seeking out the Ring Master in particular to make a request; as odd as it was, he had seen for himself the potential there could be in training in this place, and he was not above humbling himself if it meant the chance to learn and better his techniques for the sake of others. So after some debate with the Ringmaster (as that same dedication meant he had no desire for magic power or objects) he had for himself a year long contract, just in time to travel to...the Nether World.

What a lovely way to start things off in the work place.

Being the man he was, it was easy for him to be picked up by the current warden for work. Their ideals, to an extent, lined up nicely, and in Gongenzaka's eyes it was something of an honor to train under someone who clearly took their tasks as seriously as they did. As unnerving as sustaining changes over the time there was, Gongenzaka adapted to things well, and dedicated himself entirely to the reason he was there.


Rather awkward in the Nether World, suffice to say.

The world of Wizards was even more awkward, if anything, though he could well be among the few who actually enjoyed it. As much as he didn't particularly care for the idea of magic in any setting, it in fact made it easier to understand how the wizards did their thing; and as much as some snubbed their nose at his nonmagical self, he managed to charm quite a crowd with his duel disk, and even made an agreement to 'test their mettle' against each other. (Which is to say, firing various charms and hexes to try and knock him over, while he himself attempted to stand still.)

He was far more at home in the Scifi Utopia needless to say. And yet, also homesick, and questioning-and in other ways, more determined than before. A glimpse at the 'future' can do that when you think you're needed to pave the road there, and it gave him quite the boost of energy when it came to chasing after various villains once they entered the world of Super Heroes.

Entering the world of Steampunk though? It was odd.

In a sense that marked the end of 'easy mode' for Gongenzaka. From here the Carnival made its return trip to visit the Omnipresent Super Being, and with its cryptic warning, he was left to simply do his job and wait.

And worry.

And then they came upon the Vampire War.

When the Nightrunners unintentionaly brought back what they did, Gongenzaka fought valiantly for the sake of both the patrons and employees of the carnival there-he became, in the words of those who last saw him alive, almost like a beast. Perhaps not a 'wild' one in that sense of the word, but something impossible to terrify, something one could call a 'guardian'. Despite successfully saving those with him at that time however, it cost Gongenzaka his life-he perished just as the war came to its end, triggering the revival contract he had enacted.

For whatever reason however, the revival took some time to take effect; it could have been that the spell itself wasn't activated immediately. There was much to recover from, and the Ringmaster herself was more than distracted after all. It could have also been that there was some sort of magic even interfering with it-following the war, the locations the Carnival visited were (not counting the Summerlands of course), perhaps not the best ones to bring someone fresh from war back into. The crossroads are a mishmash of locations, and the dreamlands flat out unstable at times, so waiting on the perfect location could have been necessary as well.

Either way, with how quickly and unexpectedly it came to be that the contract's 'prize' was necessary, it is unsurprising that it took some time to be 'completed'.

What IS surprising is these new legs. Also who the new warden is. THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE!!!

Existing Contract: 'The chance to revive should something happen while I am here'
Details: Since Gongenzaka insisted quite heavily on training only under his own power, he and the Ringmaster eventually came into an agreement for a Revival boon; the revival itself was prepared for and readied immediately, while the year and a day would then be to pay it off.

While the revival itself has been 'cashed in', Gongenzaka is thus still working off the remaining 'debt' used to obtain it.

Current Changes: An image can be found here, complete with a topless ref! SCANDALOUS. The T-Shirt isn't typical.
Common: 7 Changes
* Beastly claws & teeth
> These changes began to appear within his first week of work
* Various patches of fur, often with a metalic sheen
> On week one, this manifested as clumps near the face, and on the chest.
> By week four, these clusters began developing heavily at the joints
> Week 11, and patches at the wrists, ankles, and shoulders in particular became especially 'fluffy'.
> Week 22, his final week before death, and large patches had developed around his waist and all along his fore-arms and shins as well.
* A rough, sandpapery tongue
> This came in during his fifth month, much to his shock.
* Shining eyes with slit pupils
> These changes came into being starting his second month, but did not glow until the start of the third.
* Long, furred ears
> His ears began to point and become furred in his second month; it was not until his fourth month that they were truly animal-like, and it was his uncommon change which truly made them large and 'mobile' animal ears.
* A seeming permanent shadow over his eyes
> This change developed in minor amounts starting on his fourth month, deepening into the permanent shadow once his uncommon change arose.
* Fae Markings: Manifesting currently as slight swirls over his chest.
> This change came into being alongside his rare one, likely due to the amount of magic involved. It's likely their actual meaning is connected to this process.

* Beast-like facial features (look this was the closest ref that actually looks like it came off a human face shhhh)
> During the Vampire War Gongenzaka's desire to protect the others combined with his exposure to the magic of the carnival, manifesting in his first uncommon change to make his visage more 'beast-like'; while it would seem he could bear a permanent scowl because of this, he seems to give an air of his usual calm despite it.

* Taur Body Form; Resembing Kyu-B to an extent, the taur-body is a strange blend of equine and canine, with a tail so heavily furred it seems to be nine in one (it's just one though...for now). The forelimbs have paws, but the back limbs seem to be hooved in a sense.
> Upon his revival, Gongenzaka found himself in possession of a dramatically altered body, by way of extra limbs...not to mention size. Oops.

* Certain animal-like behaviors, including the tendency to straighten bits of his hair/fur with a licked hand
* Unconscious animal vocalizations! Panting or irritated words in particular often have a growly sort of edge to them
* An instinctive fear of iron, much to his dismay (though to be fair he had to trade his geta in for an alternate material at the front gates to begin with)
* An impressively increased desire to protect what he considers 'his'
* A preference for 'simpler' things (duel disk excluded, somehow), but not necessarily 'natural' (a good example; handwash vs machine wash)



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